Adoption, Domestic And International Adoption Essay

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Melissa Bannon
Mrs. Munsie
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Many people want to have their own children, but what are other options? Adoption gets helpless children out of the foster care system, but having their own child gives them a better connection. Three reasons why parents should adopt is because it helps get kids out of foster care, adopted families have all the same rights as families formed from birth, and adopting a child helps parents start a family if they can’t get pregnant. Although some people think that having their own child is better, adoption is better because it gives children new and permanent homes, also it helps parents start a family. Furthermore, adoption is a way for children who cannot be cared for by their birth parents to become members of another family. There are two different types of adoption, Domestic and International adoption. Domestic adoption is when a child is born in a country and adopted in the same country. International adoption is when a child living in one country is adopted by a family living in a different country.“Through adoption, children’s legal ties with their birth parents are needed so they can begin a relationship approved by law with their adoptive parents.” (Adoption) Adoption helps provide children with new and permanent homes. “Each year, 130,000 children are adopted, increasingly from other countries.”(Adoption) As you can see many children have benefitted from the adoption process, 130,000 children are now happy in

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