Adoption For Children And Children

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The other day there was a house fire and the home of a family of five burned all the way to the ground. The parents saved the children and ended up getting trapped in the house. The children got rescued, but now they were left with no parents. Do people ever think about how many children are without parents and need a place to live? Adoption is what solves this problem! There are millions of children around the United States and there are so many people who are capable to adopt, but will not take the time to even think about it. Adoption is much needed, but difficult, around the world for people who are unable to have children and orphaned children.
Adoption is a process that happens all over the world. There are so many kids that need a place to live around the world! People may not realize it, but there are thousands of adoption agencies that are looking for homes to place kids in. There is also a process called foster care. This is similar to adoption but it is usually a temporary housing until they place the children back into their family’s home or into a group home. There are many local families that are foster parents. One of these families are the Pigg family has been licensed to be foster parents for four years. Over the four years, they have had twenty foster children. There have been many different cases of why the children get removed. Some last a few weeks and then others have lasted a couple years, it just depends on the situation. The goal for foster care…
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