Adoption Is A Popular Choice

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Adoption is a popular choice in the U.S., but much controversy surrounds it. For the adopted children, there can be problems and hurdles they may come across their paths later. Not having access to birth records means not having access to their history. To be able to unlock these records, many requirements need to be met in order to have their case considered by a judge who may or may not grant the adopted person the requested records. In order to gain an understanding of what they have come from and what might affect their futures, adoption records should not be sealed for adults who have been adopted. The U.S. has numerous laws regarding sealed adoption records and all are different depending on the state. Originally adoption records were sealed after the complaints of many people who wanted to adopt but were afraid of stigmas attached to it. In the nineteen twenties and thirties, a belief was held by many that adopted children were illegitimate and may be predisposed to serious health problems and criminal tendencies. Possible adoptive parents did not want society’s judgements of them if they did adopt, so they called for sealed birth records and amended birth certificates (Goodman). In the twenty first century, this stigma is not a part of society, causing many to protest sealed records. Those objecting sealed records are the ones in the “adoption triangle” which consists of the adoptive parents, the biological parents, and the adoptee. One law that some in this
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