Adoption Is A Second Chance For A Child 's Life

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Miracle Adoption is a second chance any orphan child would dream of, and for the person or people adopting the child it is a great chance to form that miracle family any person would want. Their whole life will turn around in a 360 motion and it is a big deal. It is an opportunity that should be taken seriously, and the adoptive parents should do research before having a child in their care. Each child is unique and has a different background story. Many adoptive parents are taking advantage process of the adopting and not understanding the responsibility of having the child in their care. “Adoption is more than child placement,” said Adam Pertman, executive director of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, and author of “Adoption Nation.” (Traster, 2013) Also, they are the ones that have control of the situation that affect the child’s life. The adoptive parents should be thankful that they are given the chance to adopt but instead they are deporting these children, using the child for labor that is inhumane, and are taking advantage of government benefits. Problem Now a days, adoptive parents are sending the child back to their foster home because they have a mental illness or a health problem and the parents do not want to be responsible to take care of them. Some of the parents feel that is too much to handle and they are not willing to give the child a chance. For example, an article from New York Post said that a couple wanted to cancel their adoption of young girl from

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