Adoption Of E Prescribing At The Va

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Adoption of e-prescribing at the VA will allow non-VA providers to electronically transmit prescriptions to the VA outpatient pharmacy. This change will bring an opportunity to align itself with the e-prescribing component of Meaningful Use requirement. It will also accommodate an increasing number of prescriptions from providers outside the VA pharmacy since the Choice Act of 2014. What are some specific benefits or ROI resulting from its implementation? 1) Improvement in clinical outcomes Adoption of EHR can derive a great amount of benefits in clinical outcomes such as patient safety and quality of care. Qualtiy of care can be measured with different dimensions such as patient safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. Patient safety is defined as ‘avoiding injuries to patients from the care that is intended to help them’(Menachemi and Collum, 2011, p. 49). Often times, lack of time can contribute to omission of asking patients important questions such as drug allergy information and confirming important patient identifiers such as addresses/phone numbers. Improvement of medication error is a well-noted benefit of EHR as seen in numerous researches. According to a study, researchers found that a CPOE system was contributory in reducing serious medication errors by 55% in the hospital setting (Bates, 1998). Many other studies have reported similar findings in patient safety improvement. When e-prescribing is used, prescriptions can be checked for any drug interactions with
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