Adoption Of New Mode Of Documentation

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Running head: ADOPTION OF NEW MODE OF DOCUMENTATION TO IMPROVE NURSING CARE-RESISTANCE BY PROFESSIONAL NURSES Adoption of New Mode of Documentation to Improve Nursing Care-Resistance by Professional Nurses Oseni O. Abiri University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama Accurately and effectively, communicating clinical information at handover of care has been cited by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a potential for appropriate treatment and preventing potential harm to patients (Ram, Carpenter & Williams, 2009). According to Artur Ferreira de Sousa,Teresinha Marcon Dal Sasso, & Couto Carvalho Barra (2012), nursing clinical records improve and support patients’ safety while providing information regarding the patient care. They stated that this information (clinical records) must be objective, clear and thorough so that all healthcare team members and other stakeholders who access this information can understand their context and meaning. Advancement in computer technology has dramatically changed the ways we live and interact with each other. Information and communication technology has been widely cited as a means of improving clinical records, quality of care, efficiency and reduces healthcare costs (Meum, Wangensteen, Soleng, & Wynn, 2011). Electronic Health Records allow for the electronic documentation of patients’ health history, present health status, procedures, tests, nursing interventions, medical interventions, point of
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