Adoption Of The United States

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Adoption dates back to the ancient times, specifically ancient Romans. In those times only wealthy families that had no male children would adopt a son. However currently, no more than 2-4% of Americans have actually adopted, while more than 1/3 of the American population have considered adoption. There are many factors to consider in adoption such as foster care, newborn, international among many others. Today people adopt for many reasons and there is a lot that ties into adoption, such as age, emotion and many mental health problems to the children themselves.
Reasons for Adoption There are many reasons why a person can choose adoption, as in why a birth mother may put her child up for adoption or why a person wants to adopt. The reasons can vary between having a lack of resources and being at a young age, all the way to not being stable enough to support and/or care for a child. Your choice can be heavily influenced by the people close to you and who you are surrounded with. Society also can have an impact on whether you give your child up or not. As you know, adoption can cost up to thousands of dollars, the prices will always vary depending on the state, and the type of adoption a person may choose. If a person chooses to adopt from a county foster or adoption program, prices range between $0-$1,000; if a person decides on voluntary adoption through nonprofit organizations (agencies), the prices would vary anywhere between $10,000 to $25,000; if a person
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