Adoption and Implementation of BIM by Small and Medium Enterprises

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This research paper looks to investigate the adoption and implementation of BIM by SMEs.

The following is a brief look at how this research paper will be structured:

• Chapter 2 provides a methodical review of relevant literature in the field of BIM, the perceived barriers with its adoption and implementation by SMEs and an analysis of the data found.

• Chapter 3 sets out the research strategy inclusive of the challenges found alternative methods, and scope of this research paper.

• Chapter 4 sets out the type of data that will be collected, the data collection technique, how the data will be analysed and its limitations.

• Chapter 5 presents the findings of the data collection.

• Chapter 6 analyses the data collected and highlights the significance of the findings.

• Chapter 7 concludes this research report with final thoughts on the findings.

• Chapter 8 identifies the limitations of this research paper.

• Chapter 9 provides recommendations as to how future research could further support this research paper.

Chapter 2
Literature Review Introduction

The aim of this Literature Review is to gain an understanding of what Building Information Modelling (BIM) is, what SMEs are, establish the importance of BIM, why BIM should be implemented and to explore the key issues associated with the adoption and implementation of BIM by SMEs in a live construction environment.

The main focus of the literature review will be on
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