Adoption to the Homosexuals Couples Essay

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What is wrong with America? This is a nation built on the success of the children, and future generations. How can we say that when thousands of children are in foster care to this day? To face this problem states must realize that adoption to homosexuals is a great opportunity. Not by just giving children homes, but allowing them to experience, the lifestyle that same-sex parents contribute. In addition, the government must consider that religion should not play a role in whether or not gays should be able to adopt as a couple. People always say they feel for children and wish they could help. Well here is that opportunity! These children need a loving home, and if a gay or lesbian couple can offer that, why not let them. Religion plays…show more content…
Giving homosexuals a chance can probably change people prospective. Continuing with love and nurturing, advocates can see that children of gay or lesbian couples actually grow up with the ability to be more psychologically empowered. They express their emotions more in comparison to other children. These increases in emotions are cause from the family time that same-sex couples present. In addition, they have a tendency to show their children the same if not more affection than heterosexual. The reason for more affection is in relation to the procedure the parents went through to adopt the child. The adoption processes for homosexuals are so hard that some move to different states just to get their case taking for consideration. Some adoption agency do not accept homosexual application, one in particular is Florida. Where as others will take the application and discard them as soon as the applicant leaves. Even after the applicant is accepted, they still face discrimination from people around them. The hardship these people face is incredible. The one role they ask for is to raise a child, and feel the joy that some unworthy mothers would consider a pain, the pleasure to have known a person is depended on them for devotion and attachment. Next concept, legalizing same-sex adoption around the country can have positive feedback. Statics have shown that support for homosexual adoption has increase over the years.
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