Adoption vs. Foster Parenting

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Adoption vs. Foster Parenting
When I had cable TV, I used to watch a show on the Learning Channel, called "An Adoption Story". The show followed the story of a different couple each time, as they adopted a child. It was beautiful to see a childless couple be able to adopt a child of their own. The love and joy was the same as if they had given birth to the child. Adoption is truly a blessing, both for the childless couples, and for the birth mother searching for a loving home for her baby.
I always wondered what it would be like to adopt a child or provide a foster home for a few underprivileged children. I have always had a soft spot for children and I thought that by doing something so small for someone else could be so rewarding in
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Don 't get me wrong, not all foster parents are dishonest and abusive, but you think with all the background checks and prescreenings that the government would do a little better at choosing foster parents. I know one or two are bound to slip through the crack but there are more and more horror stories about foster parents being arrested or under investigation for the death, abuse, or neglect of a child that was placed in their care by the state. It 's no wonder that the decision to put your child up for adoption is even harder today than it was 30 years ago.
Thirty or forty years ago, before readily available contraception, many unmarried, pregnant girls were forced into hiding. They spent months in "wage homes" as unpaid servants, unwed maternity institutions or both (Wilson-Buterbaugh 12). Adoption is a legal process that creates a new, permanent parent-child relationship where one didn 't exist before. The adoption proceedings take place in court before a Judge. Adoption bestows on the adoptive parent(s) all the rights and responsibilities of a legal parent, and gives the child being adopted all the social, emotional, and legal rights and responsibilities of a family member. Sometimes, court language will include the words "as if born to" to describe the new parent-child relationship. Before
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