Adoptiontion Be Prioritized Over Interracial Adoption?

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Neil Doan
Professor Brewer
English 100
Research paper
20 November 2017

Adoption Is the Answer
It is important to acknowledge that we are all born to love and be loved. This makes no exception for those children who have to live in foster care because their family abandoned them. Despite the fact that they come from different background, ethnicity and race, just like us all, they too deserve to be loved. Does it matter if a black child got adopted by a white family or vice versa when everything they give is love and treat that child as their own? Should interracial adoption be prioritized over transracial adoption? Should transracial adoption be prioritized over interracial adoption? Should it be a concern when it comes to adoption? As some people might know, adoption rate in America has increased substantially over the years. Numbers of domestic adoption, transracial adoption, international adoption. Even though adopting a child is a long process with lots of screenings, many parents begin to indicate the needs of the children who need a home and family and take action. Adoption provides the children a permanent home, give them love, help them to reduce their traumatic stress and develop many essential relationships. There are countless reasons why someone wants to become an adoptive parent. For many couples, adoption is their only option for a chance to become parents. They could do a favor and help out family members by adopting their child who isn’t have the ability
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