Adoptive Couple Vs. Baby Girl

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Adoptive couple v. Baby Girl was a case that involved the biological parents of the baby girl in question. The biological mother Christy was Hispanic-Caucasian and, the father Mr. Brown, a member of a Cherokee Indian tribe. Congress had to step in due to the “ICWA” or the Indian Child Welfare Act that was passed in 1978 to prevent the illegal and harsh removal of Indian children from the tribes. This case was a huge battle in the Supreme Court between the biological father Dusten Brown and the adoptive parents of baby Veronica in September of 2011. This case caused uproar with people on both sides of the fence.
The case began when the mother of baby Veronica who lived Oklahoma and was engaged briefly to Mr. Brown but, broke up while she was pregnant. Mr. Brown contested that their engagement ended before she gave birth; after the breakup, the biological mother quickly began to make arrangements to give baby up for adoption once the baby was born. However, according to the Cherokee Nation, the mother Christy failed to notify Mr. Brown of her intentions, “The mother did ask Mr. Brown for child support or to relinquish his parental rights and he did by text. However; she never mentioned that the baby would be given up for adoption which; was his main claim.” According to Mr. Brown, he presumed that he had given full rights to his ex and that he never intended for his child to end up with complete strangers.
In regards to the larger public, the Cherokee tribe preferred to have…
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