Adoptive v. Birth Parents' Legal Rights Essay

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Adoptive v. Birth Parents' Legal Rights

This issue hits home with me, I am adopted. I believe that a child's parents are the people who raise them and take care of them. I do not believe that birth parents have any rights to their children after the child has been adopted and living with their adoptive parents. The biological parents made a decision when they put the child up for adoption, for whatever the reason may have been. Just because they feel that their lives are more "stable" and "together" does not give them the right to rip a child from the only parents that child knows. By doing this the biological parents destroy not only the life of the child but also the lives of the adoptive parents who have worked so hard to have
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Confronted with this decision, The DeBoers successfully persuaded a Michigan state trial judge to enter a custody order in their favor, only to have the Michigan court of Appeals declare that the court in Michigan was without jurisdiction to act. The publicity abruptly halted when the Michigan Supreme Court entered its order on July 2, 1993, requiring that "Baby Jessica" be returned to her biological parents. (Baron, 72) In the Baby Jessica case, the birthmother intentionally identified the wrong man as the birth father. The adoptive parents took custody believing they had the consent of the birthfather, only to find out later that the real birthfather objected to the adoption. As a result of this case, state courts are recognizing that even when there is consent from a man who pretends to be a child's father, greater efforts must be made to identify others that may claim to be the father and steps must be taken to terminate their rights. (Gray, 18) Baby Richard's Case was riddled with even more deception than Baby Jessica's was. When Daniela Kirchner gave up her newborn son in March of 1991, she was angry that her then boyfriend (and now husband), Otakar, had left her two weeks before the baby was born and returned to Czechoslovakia. She believed rumors that he had run off with an old girlfriend. He believed her story that the baby was dead, even though Oto and Daniela had lived together for the first eight and a half months of her pregnancy. She refused to disclose
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