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Divorces and contests are two cases that are very tough to deal with. Not only as an attorney do you have to put yourself between two individuals in a negative way but, the problem must be solved and not everyone will be satisfied. The case that I looked up was an ex-Yahoo president and her husband. Money was the key object in this case, a case that is worth well over $71 million in real estate, stock, cash, and other assets.
ADR can help resolve divorce and or law disputes through mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, or settlement conferences. Mediation is a single person who helps the parties involved decides resolution of disputes together. Arbitration is a single person who hears both sides of the story separately and then comes to a conclusion for the parties. Neutral evaluation happens when each party present their case to a neutral person. That person gives an opinion on strength and
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The only thing a paralegal may not do in any court cases is give legal advice nor sign off on drafted papers that may give legal advice. A paralegal does all of the above work and more with ADR cases. A paralegal and attorney only differentiates themselves by a completed law degree. If I were a mediator for this case it would be tough being that both parties come from hard-working families and both parties had very good jobs making excellent money. I would suggest either working out the situations or giving the assets to the children because if the parents are mutual to the children they still have access to their assets. When it comes to money it is very hard to put money where it belongs if they do not have separate accounts. Alternate dispute resolution can be very hard on the paralegal, attorney, and of course the parties involved, but it is up to the attorney and the office to make the case flow as smooth as
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