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Analysis of Team Charter Rolanda Collins MGT 521 March 10, 2010 Joe McGirt 1 The purpose of this paper is to explain how, given the individual differences amongst my team members, we used the team charter to set standards for improving our teams’ performance. Nashai’s assessment of her personality type results were ENFP meaning she is people oriented, creative, and highly optimistic. Her suggested possible career’s are a publicist, research assistant, playwright, restaurateur, columnist, or a conflict mediator. Her trust assessment was graded a three, and her listening skills forty three. I found from what little I know of Nashai, that her assessments seemed to be fairly accurate. Between the two of us there were few…show more content…
I believe the difference in age, lifestyles, and responsibilities play a huge part in the outcomes of our individual personality types. Antoinette Padmore assessment for her personality type were INTP meaning she is introverted, intuition, thinking, perceiving, individualistic, reserved, and very curious individual who focuses on ideas, theories, and explanations of how things work, very adept to discussions and debates appreciate and respects the intelligence in others. Her listening skills results was fifty four, and her trust assessment was graded a two. Her suggested careers were in human resources, and social work. I have found from the little that I know of Antoinette that she seems to exhibit the characteristics of her assessments. She is very intellectual, and respects the intelligence in others. She loves verbalizing her thoughts and feelings, which she does wonderfully. Her desire to be proficient in learning has inspired me. Jamaal, Nashai, and I meet at an agreed upon location to complete the team charter. We came to the conclusion that each team member needs to be present in order to complete a team assignment successfully. Each member must communicate by all means available any reason for not being able to meet once a week at a set time. It is then the responsibility of our team to keep each member posted with what was discussed, and what was accomplished at the meeting. Our goals are to be

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