Adr Should Be The Prime Method Of Dispute Resolution Essay

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ADR should be the prime method of dispute resolution. Critically discuss in relation to ONE method of ADR (eg arbitration OR negotiation OR mediation).

Conflicts are pervasive and are inevitable at times. Disputes and conflicts often occur in civil, commercial, and institutional matters for various reasons. Significantly, the most vital aspect is how we succeed and subdue those issues by carefully resolving them effectively. Contextually, Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a mode of conflict settlement which provides alternative methods to a resolution of disputes rather than the conventional ligation methods. It can be traced back to the 1960’s especially to the US and its dissatisfaction to the state’s protagonist within the systems of dispute resolutions. “The ADR idea was seen nothing more than a hobbyhorse for a few offbeat scholars. Today with the rise of public complaints about inefficiencies and injustices of our traditional court systems, the ADR movement has attracted a bandwagon following of adherents. ADR is no longer shackled with the reputation of a cult movement.” Although seen as merely as an idea for many practitioners and scholars in term of using a different conflict resolution, ADR has been a growing wide in terms of usage and research. Consequently, its fondness is that the conflicted parties do not necessarily involve courts to resolve disputes, rather settle it in a different manner . Furthermore, ADR’s growing preference is also concerned with

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