Adrian Beltre : One Of The Best Players

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Adrian Beltre: One of the best players in Major League Baseball Standing 5 foot 11 inches and weighing 220 pounds, Adrian Beltre-Perez is one of the best third basemen in Major League Baseball. Mr. Beltre is one of my favorite players in all of sports. I admire him to the extent that I have a bobble head of him on the dashboard of my car. Girls can be crazy baseball fans, too. Adrian Beltre is one of the best players of all time because he has been selected four times for the Rawlings Gold Glove Award, chosen four times for the Major League Baseball All-Star Games, and picked four times for the Silver Slugger Award. Adrian Beltre was born on April 7. 1979 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Beltre’s family was very much involved in the two most popular sports in the Dominican Republic: baseball and cockfighting. Adrian 's dad raised some of the top roosters at one time. Related by marriage, Felipe Alou, a player, and manager in the MLB has memories of holding Beltre when he was just a baby. Beltre’s dad told Felipe that he wanted his son to become a great ball player one day ( Growing up, Mr. Beltre’s best sports were tennis and basketball. Adrian really started to become serious about the sport in 1991, at the age of 12. The turning point for him was when he was watching a Houston Astros game on television. A fellow Dominican, shortstop Andujar Cedeno, playing for the Houston Astros, is who had Adrian’s attention. However, not only catching the

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