Adrian Monk and The San Francisco Police Department

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He appeared well dressed and groomed. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley. He is a former San Francisco homicide detective. He is best known for his peculiar approach to solving difficult crimes. He received a psychological discharge for the police department after the death of his wife, Trudy. He hopes to be reinstated.
Presenting problem
Adrian mentions he has 312 phobias. (Wikipedia, n.d.) They include germs, dentists, sharp or pointed objects, milk, vomiting, death and dead things, snakes, crowds, heights, fear, mushrooms, and small spaces. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Before he leaves out for the day, he makes certain that all the hangers in the closet face the same way and he counts the umbrellas on the rack several times. He owns 10 umbrellas. This can become a time consuming task, as it triggers him to check and reorganize other things around the house before he leaves. Safety is very important to him. It takes him quite a while to get out the door. His obsessive attention to minute detail cripples him socially but it has also made him the brilliant detective that he is, he stated. (Wikipedia, n.d.) He tells me he wears the same suit every day, even though he owns 10 of the same suits, and carries an umbrella even if rain is not in the forecast. Monk relies heavily on his personal assistant to do many things for him because of his anxiety and phobias. He believes he cannot function without her. Monk said…

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