Adrienne Clarkson Belonging And Identity Analysis

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“Migration and Multiculturalism” those two words have a deep meaning and purpose to belonging and identity. I have never taken those two words and connected them with belonging and identity, until now. Who would have ever thought about how it would feel to leave your country, home, where you felt safe, knew you belonged and knew what your identity is. To instead entering a whole new country or in another sense a whole new world, it would be intimidating and hard to grasp. You would have to relearn what; your identity is and where you belong. In a way, it is almost like learning to tie your shoes. In chapter one Adrienne Clarkson talks about belonging and identity, using a man named Martin to explain how someone’s idea of belonging and identity can change in a second. While Walter Johnson talks about the impact of leaving all you know to come to a whole new world where it can have a large impact on who you thought you were. Clarkson and Johnson are almost a contradiction on belonging and identity. In the sense that they both define and explain belonging and identity differently. Clarkson…show more content…
In the end, it seems impossible to find a new identity and belonging in a world where you do not feel you belong for who you are. As Clarkson explains it takes relationships to help show someone where they belong. It does not matter if you come from a different country or culture, it matters where you are now and how you can use your identity and belong from your first home to create a new sense of belonging and allow multiculturalism. Belonging and Identity of meaning and purpose have a different importance for each person. But I feel it is much harder for people that have migrated or been forced out of their homes. Reason being everyone must learn a new way of life in a whole new
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