Adroll's Success Strategies: A Case Study

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AdRoll is an internet-based advertising retargeting platform and it has more than 5000 advertisers spread across the world. While AdRoll's main strategy involves providing software as a service, the company has managed to get a great deal of attention as a result of its successful methods to promote products. The fact that the institution has customized techniques to serve its customers means that any firm can collaborate with it, regardless of its size or of the public it wants to address. AdRoll took online advertising to a whole new level through the sophisticated strategies that it provides. The company's clients sell a great deal of products and services ranging from clothing to jewelry and it is safe to say that the company is deeply involved in the e-commerce industry. Technology plays an important role in the company's line of work, taking into account that Application programming interfaces enable its account management team of only five people to deal with approximately five hundred customers on a daily basis. AdRoll is recognized as a company who is proficient in its line of work and a great deal of individuals come to use it with the purpose of increasing their profits. "One of AdRoll's customers, Paul Dempsey of Alternative Apparel says, "AdRoll's platform works so that for every $1 we spend, we see $4or more in incremental sales. That's the kind of marketing channel we need to keep our business growing."" (AdRoll Rolls Out Strong Automation with the

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