Adult ADHD Essay

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The following paper deals with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Adults. The paper will mainly focus on the symptoms of ADHD along with diagnosis of it. It will show how at least some research demonstates that adult and child ADHD are two different things and should be treated as such. In the process it will higlhight the what at times can be conflicting nature of adult ADHD research. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder in which people have trouble focusing. Individuals are generally abnormally hyper and have a hard time keeping still. Along with that they have a tendency to be impulsive and so may at times act on the hyperactivity. For example a college student suffering from it may have a hard…show more content…
In addition to symptoms of ADHD being present by the age of seven the symptoms must affect the person’s life in a number of settings. In addition the symptoms have to not be explained by another mental disorder. If it only occurs alongside a psychotic mood disorder it is not considered ADHD. Inattention in ADHD is classified as making easily avoidable mistakes and ignoring details, usually do to not paying attention. It can happen in any number of settings( Surman, 2013). For example an accountant suffering from some of the innatention aspects of ADHD may not notice they forget to put a decimal point in a number resulting in a much higher number then shoud have been expected. The average adult may catch the mistake but someone someone with at least part of the innatetion aspect will likely move on without a thought in the world. Hyperactivity is demonstrated by inabiltiy to sit still and the need to get up from one's seat to move around. Impulsivity shows itself in a person's inabilty to resist acting on their urges. Usually the person will jump in front of others in a conversation. the person may at random pick up things and start messing with them. For a person to be diagnosised with ADHD a number of the DSM-IV-TR's critera must be met. While symptoms of ADHD may be present early on in a person's life other criteria from the DSM may not appear until later on. This could be the result of changes in
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