Adult Attachment Theory

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Take a few minutes to think about a moment in time where everything was perfect, where everything made sense, where all was right in the world. A moment that made people cry with joy or laugh until they hurt. Was it the sight of a child being born? Maybe a beautiful sunrise early in the morning where all the colors bounce off the sky? Maybe it was on a wedding day where a person said, “I do” to someone they loved. Now, heartbreakingly take that moment and think of the worst possible situation that could have happened. Whether someone was in a car accident because of the sunrise, or the child was stillborn, or maybe the person changed their mind on their wedding day. That pit in a person’s stomach, that loss of breath, the agony of not understanding…show more content…
What this particular theory discusses is the “attachment bonds” between children and their parents. These two attachments connect because they both focus on peoples’ ability to form an attachment, whether is with a parent or a spouse. In the both Attachment Theories, there are four different categories people could be placed into, secure, anxious, dismissive-avoidant, and fearful-avoidant (Rholes 2012). The particular theory that is being focused on is an adult’s ability to connect with their loved ones, particularly their…show more content…
They include many different aspects and the aspects reflect the category system brought on by a person and/or shared by a group. It is hierarchical, starting at academic to non-academic areas and then to general self-concept. Self-concept by itself is stable but as in decreases on the hierarchy the less stable it becomes. As people go, from infancy to maturity, self-concept begins at a general state to evolving into more specific. These constructs both describe and evaluate. It can be differentiated from other constructs such as academic achievement (Shavelson and Bolus 1981). To begin the one particular item that connects these two theories is response, but what makes them different is that response. Adult Attachment Theory is a spouse’s response due to the attachment injury. They respond by becoming more shut down and less respondent. They could go from being in the secure in their attachment ability to being anxious and so on. In the theory of Self-Concept, they respond by how they feel about themselves. Where as in Adult Attachment the person is responding by how their husband/wife first responded to
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