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Considering Adult Braces? 4 Things You Should Know

If your parents decided not to get you braces as a child, you may be finding yourself wanting to finally get them as an adult to fix your crooked teeth. Thankfully, braces are not just for teenagers. Before you decide to look into braces later in life, you should know these 4 things about them.

You Might Not Be Able To Get Invisalign

Part of the appeal of getting adult braces may be that you want the kind that are unnoticeable to others. Be aware that you may not be able to get Invisalign, because preexisting dental work may not make it an option for you.

The biggest problem is if you have a preexisting dental implant. An implant cannot be moved, and could cause the Invisalign process to not be completely effective. Your orthodontist will be able to look at the placement of your existing implant, and determine if it needs to be moved. If the implant can stay where it is at, you may still be a good candidate for receiving Invisalign.
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Unfortunately, this may limit the kind of braces that you can get. Certain types of braces, like lingual braces, require the orthodontist to receive special training for installing them. It’s possible that the dentists in your insurance network do not have the training to install lingual braces, which limits your options.

Always take your insurance network into consideration, and do research to find out the kind of braces an orthodontist can
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