Adult Case Study : Male Breast Cancer

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Adult Case Study: Male Breast Cancer

Carly Regan

Loyola University Chicago

When the topic of breast cancer is discussed in conversation, most will think of it as a female diagnosis. While the greatest percentages of patients diagnosed with breast cancer are female, it is still possible that males can be diagnosed. It is a diagnosis that practitioners should always keep in the back of their minds as a differential when a male presents with a breast mass. Although most cases of male breast lesions will be benign, many male breast cancers can be caught too late due to their lack of prevalence. Upon initial diagnosis of breast cancer, approximately 50% of men will already have metastases into the lymph nodes (Nguyen et al., 2013). This is one statistic that shows the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Since the prevalence of male breast cancer is low, there is not much current research that pertains specifically to men, which makes it difficult as practitioners. Most current treatment for breast cancer is based off of studies conducted on women. This case presentation focuses on a male that presented to the clinic with a breast mass. The unique aspect of this case was that the patient had two family members that were diagnosed with breast cancer, one of which was deceased.
Less than one percent of all breast cancer patients diagnosed are men. African American males are at a…

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