Adult Diabetes And Insulin Dependent Type Diabetes Mellitus ( Iddm )

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Type I Diabetes Type I Diabetes was once referred to as Juvenile Diabetes or Insulin Dependent type Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). Type 1 diabetes, is an incurable but treatable disease which can occur at any age but is mostly found in children. Couch et al. (2008) states, “Juvenile diabetes affects about 1 in every 400-600 children and more than 13,000 are diagnosed yearly” (pg. 1). A 2014 CDC fact sheet concerning diabetes, showed that, “In adults, type 1 diabetes accounts for approximately 5% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes in the United States.” It seems that we all know someone who is affected by diabetes; either type 1 or type 2. Diabetes seems to be such a common-place illness and is much more prevalent in today’s society. However, this hasn’t always been the case. Gale (2002), states, “At the start of the 20th century, childhood diabetes was rare… (pg. 3353).” In this paper, I will provide information about Juvenile or Type I diabetes in order to educate the reader about this illness. Basically, when an individual suffers from Type 1 Diabetes it means that their blood glucose, or blood sugar, is too high. Type I diabetes often occurs when the body does not produce insulin or only produces it in very minor quantities. Most children/ adults might not know that they have Type I diabetes until they feel its effects. According to Marsh-Smith (2014), “Diabetic ketoacidosis (sometimes abbreviated to DKA) is sometimes the first indication that a person has type 1
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