Adult Female And The Block Of Auburn Way North For Dui

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T. MINKLER, 1809, Wed Feb 10 01:03:45 PST 2016, 22, Yes Video

An adult female was arrested the 4200 block of Auburn Way North for DUI.%

The following occurred in the City of Auburn, King County, WA:

On February 9, 2016, at approximately 2220 hours I was travelling north in the
2100 block of Auburn Way North, when I noticed a vehicle, turn northbound onto
Auburn Way North from 22ND ST NE. As the vehicle turned northbound (left) it took a wide slow turn. The vehicle speed up quickly as I was attempting to close the distance on the vehicle I noticed the vehicle drifting from the yellow line to the white dash line. The vehicle continually drove with the driver 's side tires touching the yellow line. I paced the vehicle in the 3000 block. The vehicle was going 56 mph in a 35 mph. The vehicle quickly signaled right and changed lanes, to the curb lane. As the vehicle proceeded north it continually drove with the driver 's side tires touching or crossing the white dash lane.
The vehicle then drifted to the right and nearly collided with a white vehicle.
The white vehicle had to move over to avoid getting hit. I initiated a stop on the vehicle, now identified as WA ARJ5782.

I initiated a traffic stop and contacted the driver of the vehicle. I advised the driver the contact was being audio/video recorded. The driver was identified by her WA State Driver 's License as Deborah McGuire. Immediately upon contact with the vehicle I noticed an odor of intoxicants coming from…
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