Adult Learner Assessment

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Adult Learner Assessment
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August 26, 2012
ED7712 Classroom Assessment in Education

All students are familiar with assessments. They have been assessed on various levels all through primary and secondary school, and if they attended school afterward they 've experienced assessments in postsecondary school as well. Why do we do assessments? Assessments are necessary - they not only tell the instructor how well the students are doing but they also tell the instructor how well they are teaching. But there is much more to assessments than that. Assessments can be “an excellent instructional method to provide understanding
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The use of selection-type items will gauge how well the students can recognize or recall facts whereas the supply-type items will measure the more complex learning outcomes (Waugh & Gronlund, 2013). Items from both of these will be used to design the assessment to get a true measurement of students learning after unit 1. The assessment is listed in Appendix A.
Accommodating Learners With Special Needs In accordance to the Americans with Disability Act and the policies of Two Rivers Community College, learners with special needs will have reasonable accommodations given during assessment taking. Reasonable and appropriate support services that may be needed for this course could include, but are not limited to: interpreters, questions and answer choices read out loud to the student, and extra testing time. Accommodations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and every means will be done to ensure the student has a fair chance to take the assessment. The instructor will also seek guidance from The Alliance for Access to Computing Careers (aka AccessComputing). This organization partners with postsecondary institutions to increase participation of people with disabilities to computing fields. This organization can provides optimal strategies for instructors to accommodate a student with special needs. Specific to assessment taking, they recommend:
· Alternative, quiet testing locations and
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