Adult Learner Engagement

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Adult learner engagement should be at the forefront of any teaching philosophy, with this in mind, we have designed a new orientation program that will set the tone for autonomy and validation of prior learning and experience. In analyzing our first year orientation delivery, we discovered that we are missing many key components as discussed in FCP 601. In order to meet the information gathered from our FCP course, we have redesigned our year one orientation with international and domestic students in mind. Merriam and Bierema (2014) suggest, “adults want to know why they need to learn something and how what they learn will apply to their immediate situation.” Updating our orientation process is pivotal in setting the tone for the program,…show more content…
This will be the first change that we make to prepare for a great first week of orientation. Every student learns differently and being able to understand how each student learns is important in engaging him or her in the learning process. Merriam and Bierema (2014) discuss that “creating good learning experiences for adults is what andragogy is all about.” In order to create these experiences it is important to understand the way in which a student learns. In our previous orientations, we have not considered our new students learning styles. This will be very important information for our instructors and fellow students to know for the next two years. Before the students arrive for orientation, we plan to send out a Kolb’s learning style inventory to be completed before the first day of class. We hope to collect the student’s feedback before the first week of class in order to review their results. Having this information before the orientation will allow us to break up the class into different groups consisting of several students from each learning style. Forming these groups based on learning styles will support our students for the rest of orientation week. As well, we hope this will assist the students in getting to know each other and help them work well as a team throughout the next two…show more content…
Students were then required to sign a form stating they had read the handbook and it was assumed they understood the information. Then, we would hold them accountable by saying “you signed the book so you must know the policy.” This style of presenting the policy and procedure manual is somewhat like clicking on the terms and conditions tab at the bottom of a web page or app. None of us read the terms, conditions we just click the button, and continue. We want to set the tone for the year and have our students participate in self-directed learning. Merriam and Bierema (2014) state that “[a]t the heart of self-directed learning is the notion that the learner takes control of his or her own learning; that is, the learner decides what and how to learn.” We plan to have each group research a particular section of the manual and then present what they have learned to the rest of the class. It is our hope that this will show the students that self-directed learning is important in our program and that we will expect them to continue this style throughout the program. Once they have finished the presentations we will have the students do an online immediate response quiz (such as Kahoot!) based on the policy and procedure manual. The results will help us gage what they retained through their self-directed learning. We also feel that by bringing in a Kahoot! quiz our students will be able to see
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