Adult Learners And Provided Strategies For Learners

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This article discussed many aspects of adult learners and provided strategies for instructors to improve learning in adult learners. They stated repeatedly that learning experiences are a major factor in adult education. It can help intrinsically motivate adult learners to retain more information in order to improve their knowledge. In the article they also discussed how it is important to allow adult learners to take ownership of their learning while allowing the instructor to facilitate activities that are more hands on. Adult learners tend to learn better when they are actively involved in the learning process and are able to make meaningful connections between the new material and their old experiences.
In the article they also
…show more content… This article was very similar to the one that is in the above reflection. They talked about how adult learners come with a vast amount of experience that they need to make connections with what is being taught. They also talked about the different learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic and that it is important to use a variety of teaching strategies to meet the needs of every student. They talked about how adults are more willing to learn if they want to be there and if they want to improve their skills. This article discussed how adult have less time to actively engage in their learning because of other commitments and expressed the importance to make learning hands on and meaningful so that the adult learners time is not being wasted. They then provided tips for the people who facilitates adult learners. The two most important tips that I gained from this article is to provide adult learners with ample amount of time to practice what they learn and to make sure that the adult learners know the importance of what they are learning and how it can tie into their experiences.

This article was more about providing strategies for the facilitator to enhance adult learning but
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