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6 Assumptions of the Andragogical Model To complete this assignment, you will need to fill in the following boxes: 1. In the first box you will identify one of the 6 Assumptions of the Andragogical Model 2. In the next box you will provide a description of the Assumption you identified. 3. In the last box you will discuss your perspective on how this Assumption differs from the Pedagogical Model. 4. Repeat steps until all 6 Assumptions are identified, described, and discussed. Each description and discussion should be substantive and requires a minimum of 3 sentences per response. Save this document and type directly onto the document and into the boxes. The boxes will expand to accommodate what you write.…show more content…
The andragogical model is one’s own concept on one’s self. | The role the learners’ experience | Adults come into an educational activity with both greater volume and a different quality of experience from that of youths (Knowles, Holton, Swanson, 2012). Adults have lived longer than the youth and therefore their experiences are different. There are some potential effects that are negative in nature with having greater experience. Mental habits, biases, and presuppositions tend to develop as experience is accumulated. This may cause one to close their minds to new ideas, fresh perceptions, and alternative ways of thinking (Knowles, Holton, Swanson, 2012). | The difference in the two models is that is the pedagogical model, the learners’ experience has little worth. The teachers, the textbook writer, and the audiovisual aids producer are the only experience that counts. | Readiness to learn | Adults become ready to learn those things they need to know and be able to do in order to cope effectively with their real-life situations (Knowles, Holton, Swanson, 2012). The tasks associated with progressing from one stage to the next are very rich sources of readiness to learn. One need not wait around to be ready, there are techniques, such as career counseling, and simulation exercises to help induce readiness. | In the pedagogical model, if the learner
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