Adult Learning Patterns

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Schooling is one aspect that keeps appearing in each one of my adult life phase chapters. My parents were a huge influence on me continuing in education. My dad was the driving force since he would constantly tell me how important an education is to a person. He used himself as an example since he never even made it to the high school level. He always stated that having a high school and college degree will open doors and opportunities for people to be successful. Furthermore, I saw how hard he worked at his blue collar job for over 40 hours a week on a little bit above minimum wage. Thus, the drive for me was to be better than my father. That is one of the reasons I'm trying to obtain my doctoral degree. Another aspect I noticed after rereading my adult phases is I am a young person. There are only four chapters in my adult phase. Also, the chapters of my life are not long since I started the adult life phase following my graduation from high school. The reason I started the first chapter after high school is the level of dependency I had with my parents was over the top. My mother would do any and everything for me. If I would have not moved away from my parent, I believe I would not be successful today. Thus, moving away from San Antonio was the right decision for my independence.…show more content…
I have a great job, wonderful wife, and beautiful daughter. I am currently living out my dreams and having a great time spending time with my wife and daughter. Thus, I believe the last chapter in my life has been the best time of my life and can not wait for what the future holds for
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