Adult Learning Theory Essay 3

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Adult Learning Theory: Making a Buck Jon Schein College 100 31 October 2010 Wendy T. Hilbert Adult Learning Theory When you look at our society and how obtaining a secondary education has become so vital and such a big business today, it is easy to understand why institutions of higher learning have placed a lot of time and money into understanding how adults learn. Since our start in school as young children there has been and always will be a high importance placed on our learning. The same applies as adults but we want to be the masters of this. As young children we go to school simply because our parents and society tells us that we are going to go to school. As adults we have a choice about this and when you think about it…show more content…
They have so many options in today’s society for the learner. Further, companies have a large selection to make when it comes to training their employees. This includes the United States Army who has been training Soldiers since 1776. The “Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States," also known as the "Blue Book." was written by a Prussian officer by the name of Baron Von Stuben. To this day that book has influenced how we train our Soldiers both past and present. Soldiers learn at different levels just like other adults. However, again we figure out what job Soldiers are going to best qualify for through a series of pre-entrance tests much like that of universities and colleges. Just like their civilian counterparts the US Army spends millions of dollars annually developing, testing, and hiring people to train our nations Soldiers to defend its freedom. Lately there has been a shift to what is known as outcome-based training for US Army Soldiers. Outcome-based training is a concept that defines the desired outcome, promotes initiative, and allows freedom to maneuver to achieve the desired end result. It is a concept that has been around for years but has recently resurfaced because of what our Soldiers have been faced with while deployed to different theaters. Soldiers often times will not have the time to ask how to do something in training or in combat. Thus, as long as the leader can
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