Adult Learning Theory: Kolb Learning Model, Learning Styles Handout

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Do I know and understand how I learn? Do I learn like others around me? Do I understand not just how I learn but what kind of learner am I? These are some of the many questions that I ask myself especially after reading through the information we were assigned this week. Adult Learning Theory, Kolb Learning Model, Learning Styles handout are all three techniques that have one thing in common and that is learning. And by going through this information helped not only educate me about how I learn, but what kind of learner I have become as I have grown to be an adult.
From being 18 to being 31 now, there are some major differences for one an adult learner is goal oriented, adult learners are not just goal oriented but are interested and want to know why they should learn things. These things are explained through David Kolb” who identified a four-part learning process based on firsthand experience in which knowledge is created” (Kolb, 1984). As a learner, I am different than others some people learn through concrete experience, some through
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Being an abstract learner helped emphasize to me how I fall into the category of a kinesthetic learner where I must but not just a hands-on learner but doing the task and having to write it down what I have learned. The great thing about learning is no one learns the exact same as each other we all learn in a different form or another. Starting out as a young learner, flew by the seat of my pants through school and didn’t care about tomorrow; just cared about myself. Understanding how as adult I learn differently now has given me a greater understanding of how I learn the way that I do and how I need to utilize those strengths as not just how I learn things on the job but as I continue to learn in the
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