Adult Learning Theory Paper

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Adult Learning Theory Paper

INFT 101 Section 7

7 March 2013


In an effort to determine how adults learn, experts examine and evaluate studies that have been done that involve the adult learner. The more that experts understand how the learner processes information, the better the understanding will be on how to structure their learning environment. Research is continually changing in this area, and educators know there are differences in how each adult learner attains information. In the two articles, “Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-First Century” by Sharan B. Merriam, and “Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students” by Kenner and Weinerman, different theories are discussed. In
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Merriam, to myself because as the expert is continuing to gain knowledge and understanding on how adults learn, I then can take that information and use it in my everyday academic career. Merriam states that adult learning is a multidimensional phenomenon, and I agree with that. There are many different ways I can learn, and I have to take into account that the cultures surrounding me can play a part in that. The second article, “Adult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students” by Kenner and Weinerman, I think I relate to more because I did not go into college right away after finishing high school. Getting a college degree was not as important to me as going out in the work force and making money, or traveling and having the opportunity to be adventurous. I have a different learning style because of that, and in a way it can both help and hurt my learning. “Knowles identifies four principles that characterize adult learners” (Kenner, Weinerman, 2011). The fourth is that we are motivated, which I definitely am. We go back to school to achieve a personal goal that we have set for ourselves (Kenner, Weinerman, 2011). That is why I have decided to go back to school. Both of these articles show important theories on how the adult learns, but the second article resonates with my own personal experiences better. Merriam explains that there is a
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