Adult Literacy and Community Development Essay

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My vision in my work with VOC this year is to explore the intersection of adult literacy and community development. Through research, I hope to learn more about the connection between research and practice in writing for adult learners; through working with a community based organization I hope to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the impact and challenges of working in a literacy program and how this translates into overall goals of improving livelihoods and building a stronger community. Throughout the semester, I have realized more potential for realizing my goals in my work and I have worked on different components of my vision. Asset mapping is one of the highlights form this semester. Bergdall (2003) defines asset-based…show more content…
This exercise allowed me to reflect on my values, how they have shifted and solidified and to predict the kind of learning experiences I hope for as I work and live in organizations. Looking back, the concept of understanding the individual level has become more critical. Micro and macro asset mapping has allowed me to see myself as an essential element of the whole hence my contributions matter. Furthermore, understanding my assets, skills and learning goals in my work as a community fellow allows me to trace my progress, set benchmarks and reassess my goals and vision. Illich (1968) brings the local/global dichotomy to the forefront. I resonate with his frustration, passion and anger on this issue but I see this conversation boiling down to the conversation about being an outsider and doing community development work. The speech builds on Bergdall’s conversation about being an outsider and Illich takes it on a more international level. I always question my intentions and my interactions on working in community development especially in a community that is not necessarily my own. I believe that regardless of geographic location or affiliation with communities, social issues on today’s world deserve our attention; this call to action for global citizens transcends boundaries and difference. Respect for difference is the key to some of the challenges with working
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