Adult Obesity And Its Effects On Our Health

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Evelyn Martinez Professor Christine Iskander English 101 8 March 2017 Our Bodies Belong to Us Should we allow the government to decide what we consume on a daily basis? The world has debated on the need for a healthier lifestyle due to the growing obesity in the U.S, but what should we be eating? We classify eating fast food as unhealthy and being lazy, while simultaneously failing to realize it’s all low income families can afford. Therefore government regulation on what we eat is the last thing the U.S needs, we should be focusing on why it is race and status have a heavy influence on our health. Childhood obesity often leads to adult obesity,which is linked to serious conditions and diseases like two types of diabetes. There…show more content…
Although,“ It’s difficult to think of anything more private and of less public concern than what we choose to put in our bodies. It only becomes a public matter when we force the public to pay for the consequences of those choices.”(Balko). So measures like banning junk food from schools is a fantastic idea rather than ideas like the suggested “fat taxes” which are placed upon fattening food, beverages or on overweight individuals. Rather than cheating individuals into eating healthy, “Our government ought to be working to foster a sense of responsibility in and ownership of our own health and well being.”(Balko). Our bodies belong to us, not the government. One may observe that amongst the variety of ethnicities that live in the U.S obesity may stem as a common factor amongst them. Why? Growing up in a low income house doesn’t help the growing obesity very much, in fact it 's usually a prominent factor. It’s easier for a single mother of 4 kids with a minimum wage job to stop off at a McDonald 's and pick up a few burgers off of the dollar menu then to go down to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients for a healthy dinner. Persay she chooses to go to a grocery store she’s faced with the increase in prices of fruit, vegetables, and meat, “Change in food price may influence consumption behavior
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