Adult Reflection: Freshman KU Students And Observed Junkyard Jazz

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Adolescent/Adult Reflection Paper For my field observation, I interviewed two freshman KU students, and observed Junkyard Jazz at the American Legion in Lawrence. Doing so, I was able to view many different adults and adolescents in a variety of situations and use my finding to work to draw conclusions based on said findings. My findings led me to think of generals aspects of teaching that I can work on in order to help students I meet in these developmental stages. In my interviews, as stated earlier in the paper, I met with two freshman students living in Templin Residence Hall from two very different backgrounds: One an eighteen year old female from California and the other a nineteen year old male from Japan. Asking them general questions about their lives and their personal opinions on their lives, I saw a distinct pattern of answers between both of them that reflect a similar developmental stage. When asked about what they would change about themselves, they both thought about their grades, which is understandable being at a university. Not only that, but both participants, when asked about the best part of being an adult responded that it was the freedom, “Not having anyone to tell me what to do,” as our male participant put it. The idea of each participant wanting their own personal freedom puts both of them within the…show more content…
This also plays into Erikson’s ideas that environmental factors shape and influence a person’s development. Following Erikson’s psychosocial theory, these two won’t step out of the adolescence and young adult stage of development until they solve the crisis of “Who am I,” which will fuel their decisions for some years to
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