Adult Separation Anxiety : A Psychological Condition

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Adult Separation Anxiety: A Possible Link to a Missed Step in Development
DeAndre Bright
Evan Smith-Finney
Amber Depew
Brandon Eastwood
CCBC Catonsville
Psychology 103
April 3, 2015

Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder Separation anxiety disorder is “a psychological condition in which an individual has excessive anxiety regarding separation from places or people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment” ( 2008). Individuals with this disorder typically become debilitating distressed when they are faced with actual or perceived separation from major attachment figures. Vijaya Manicavasagar of the psychiatry research and teaching unit of Liverpool Hospital in New South Wales in Australia …show more content…

ASAD and its signs, symptoms, and treatment
Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder “involves excessive and often disabling distress when faced with actual or perceived separation from major attachments.”(, 2008). This type of anxiety usually goes undiagnosed or neglected as a diagnosis due to there not being much research being done on the disorder. Adult separation anxiety puts individuals who are left alone and cannot attach to someone are put into a state of fear and extreme anxiety. As a result they are not able to adapt to being alone.
Signs and symptoms of adult separation anxiety can vary in combinations and in intensity. Adult separation anxiety disorder symptoms may include “refusal to sleep outside of the home, dependence on significant other, refusal to go to work or school because of fear of separation, extreme worry about the well-being of attachment figures, anxiety that is developmentally inappropriate regarding separation, sexual dysfunction, body function disturbances, fear, physical complaints when faced with possible separation” (Falcon 2012).
As seen with other anxiety disorders, there are a number of treatments for the disorder different types and for the symptoms that are associated with them. Although with this particular disorder, there is no standard treatment for this disorder. However, there was one psychiatrist who was capable to successfully treat a case

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