Adult Sexual Assault Of Men

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3. Methods
Types of research in Prevalence and consequences of adult sexual assault of men: Review of empirical findings and state of the literature, consisted of systematic research of empirical studies on men at ASA published in the last 25 years. The research consisted of 204 potentially relevant articles on this topic. These articles were limited by empirical articles consisting of men addressed at ASA in North America and Europe. When researching sexually abused male victims whether to use behaviorally oriented questions vs. allowing participants making their own interpretations.
The samples used in this research consisted of convenience samples being unrelated and related. Measuring convenience samples that selection is unrelated are still useful although they cannot be generalized to the broad population. However, these samples are not selected particularly for sexual assault experiences and might come by difficulties to the larger society of male victims to get a clear conclusion about ASA consequences. The variables consisted of ASA men such as, non-U.S. college students, U.S. college students, U.S. community, non-U.S. community, predominately gay/bisexual, U.S. prison inmates, and physical/mental health treatment-seeking as well as homeless samples (Peterson, Voller, Polusny, & Murdoch (2011)). Types of research done in Sexual Risk Behaviors and Substance Use Among Men Sexually Victimized by Women were completed by a…

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