Advanatges of Computerized Accounting

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The Advantages of Computerized Accounting System

Speed and accuracy
Computerized accounting system for invoicing make the accounting process run faster and more efficiently. Instead of using the old-fashioned manual paper and pen, you can print professional-looking invoices fast. You even can send out invoices via e-mail. The faster invoices get out, the faster you are likely to get paid. Many invoicing or billing software packages interface with the rest of your accounting software, making the process of preparing invoices and recording them seamless, fast and automatic. Computerized accounting programs are quicker as far as entering information is concerned.

End-of-Period Reports

Computerized accounting packages will
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Danger of computer fraud if proper level of control and security whether internal and external are not properly been instituted. Computer systems are prone to damage like hardware malfunctions, virus, etcetera, plus the data can be far more easily tampered with than the one written on hard media, like paper records. Additionally, you need specialized personnel to handle these systems.
Companies using computerized accounting systems often face high implementation and maintenance costs. Most business owners and managers are unable to update these systems on their own, so they must contract with an outside agency to set up the system. Ongoing technical support costs may also be necessary for these systems.

When getting a new accounting system, there is always time and energy spent in training. After a system is bought, then about every year new versions are released with changes that may need some extra training getting used to. Some folks are just not "computer people" and take them lots of time to be able to use a system.

Computerized accounting is dependent on machines and other software to work properly. Often enough if one thing is wrong with the computer, then there is no access to the software and work cannot be done. Then time and expense are involved in getting all the system and software up and running. But then, maybe the printer stops working.

Computerized accounting systems typically require

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