Advance IP Services and Cloud Connectivity

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9.6 Advance IP Services and Cloud Connectivity with AT&T’s MPLS-Enabled Virtual Private Network Solution. In this paper, it Delivering innovative IP-based services and applications to enterprises requires a robust and secure MPLS-enabled virtual private network (VPN) or IP-based VPN. Emerging virtual private cloud (VPC)–based services also rely on the underlying network, which is the environment in which any cloud service must exist. The secure connectivity of a private IP VPN service combined with the data security supplied from a VPC service ensures that a customer's data and applications have the high availability, reliability, and flexibility to connect to any enterprise resources. The purpose of this study is to provide some answers to the following thesis question that has not been answered yet by currently available literature related to what features do we currently use on our network-based MPLS IP VPN? Author present their recommendation, on how to increase the Network quality, with different aspects, author also define future advances in managing applications like 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Broadband including Ethernet, Private Line and Cellular. Based on the currently available literature, the service providers that add VPC service offerings to business IP VPNs will be able to better leverage the technologies and network assets to create operational simplicity and improve their customer "stickiness" for managed IP VPN services and future private cloud–based services. 9.7 IP
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