Advance Nursing Ethics Wgu Essay

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The topics that will be discussed in this paper will be the ethical decisions that have to be made by Dr. F and the RN in regards to disclosing information to Dr. J. Also, according to the NANDA nursing diagnosis for ethical consideration, Dr. F and the RN also have to consider if Mrs. Z has some knowledge deficits in regards to her prognosis and if due to her culture, she feels powerlessness towards her diagnosis. Ethical theories are important to justifying and relating situations in nursing. In this paper, there will be discussions relating ethical theories to nursing, as well as, ethical decision making models that will relate to the delivery of healthcare. Ethical theory is important to nursing because it provides a filter and…show more content…
Concepts of reasonable limits refers to limiting one’s actions or in reference to nursing, limiting what one can say or do in terms of a patient’s care (Jonstone & Fry, 2002). When discussing reasonable limits, a nurse has to take into consideration at what point is enough, enough. For example, in the case study regarding Mrs. Z, reasonable limit would prevent the nurse from pushing the patient further into pursuing treatment and disclosing her medical prognosis to her family. Mrs. Z is a lucid individual, so the nurse and doctor caring for her would have to limit their interference in disclosing information to her husband due to reasonable limits. In nursing, there are times when breaking a patient’s confidentiality becomes an ethical issue. If the nurse was thinking in terms of Utilitarianism, breaching confidentiality would be the only reasonable thing to do. For example, if a patient who is HIV positive is knowingly having unprotected sex in order to infect other people, it would only be right to break the confidentiality of their diagnosis to prevent further harm to other individuals in the future. Sometimes, in order to protect the greatest amount of people, confidentiality has to be broken. Another example where a healthcare individual can break confidentiality is if a minor is being harmed and the minor does not want to disclose to anyone their situation. For

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