Advance Practice Nurses ( Apns )

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Advance practice nurses (APNs) are at the forefront of today’s healthcare system. To keep up with the aging population and the demands of complex healthcare needs of this society, APNs need to perform at the highest quality to provide efficient, effective, holistic and improve patient outcome and satisfaction while reducing cost. To provide such care, APNs need to implement the six core competencies as outlined by Hamric. These six core competencies are: direct clinical practice, expert coaching and advice, consultation, research skills, clinical and professional leadership, collaboration, and ethical decision-making. This paper will explore how APNs can implement each of the six core competencies to support the effective improvement of outcomes such as patient satisfaction, readmissions, cost, health status, and complications. In addition, each of the six core competencies of the APN’s role identified by Hamric will be outlined and applied using a fictitious patient case study. Core Competence is the ability, knowledge and skills required by an APN to perform a range of expected roles in order to provide the public with safe, effective, efficient, holistic and ethical care. Hamric has outlined six core competencies that an APN must possess in order to provide high quality of care. Each one of these six core competencies describe the role of the APN and is of significance importance to the practice of APN to promote safe effective and ethical care. With the advances and
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