Advance Review On Criminal Justice Essay

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Advance Review of Criminal Justice Dolores Jackson Williams CJUS600-1504A-01 October 12, 2015 Colorado Technical University Advance Review of Criminal Justice New York, NY review board found that officer used excessive force when he tackled ex-tennis star James Blake, Greenville Co., SC deputy fired for punching handcuffed suspect in face, East Cleveland, Oh officer charged with ripping off drug dealers, city of Dallas, Texas office used excessive force settle for $125,000. Kentucky trooper pled guilty for having sex with a person under the age of 16, 4 other trooper dismissed for having relationship with same minor (The Cato Institute). With headline like these from across the country, makes you wonder does organizational culture truly exist in law enforcement in the United States? The answer is yes, it does exist however, when you have individual that live by the “Code of Silence”, or working under the assumption that they are above the law and lack of proper training these types of headlines will continue. How is the community to respect law enforcement when many don’t seem to respect their own organizational culture and still work under the code of silence? With a strong organizational culture in place along with a strong leadership present, I believe that the issues concerning the code of silence would not be a factor. But based upon past practice it will be very difficult to totally reshape the thinking of our current law enforcement agency, and
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