Advanced Care Planning Sociology

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Activity 1
The research is about the views and opinions of Indigenous Australians, mainly, Noongar community members about Advanced Care Planning (ACP). Simultaneously, learning from them and having this information will help enhance the delivery of care of allied health professionals while being culturally aware and appropriate. ACP is where all the wishes of a patient and what kind of care they want at the time when they are not able to communicate or make their own decision. In addition, ACP also improves the quality of care given to the patient by empowerment during their remaining life. ACP is still new in Australia and there are insufficient evidence and information about experiences of Aboriginal people pertaining to ACP. One of their cultural practice for death and dying is to be buried in one’s country with all the immediate and extended family are present to pay respect, for that reason, a larger facility is needed to accommodate all the visitors. Access to health services financial status is a contributing factor that
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Tom’s decision is influenced by the elders like Uncle Joe. Traditional healers use also traditional herbs for cure and treatment. Social factors include knowledge and previous experiences of the medications affect their judgement and decision, like for Tom, he knows that morphine will make him drowsy like what happened to Aunt Joyce. His lack of knowledge and understanding of medications causes him to refuse treatment. After the medication and treatment were explained to Tom, he then realized the advantage of not refusing treatment. Communicating with Tom needs an aboriginal liaison officer to facilitate between Tom and the health care provider. They may refuse to talk without the facilitator, so health assessment of the nurse is delayed and time is of
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