Advanced Directives

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Advanced Directives Death is in a sense inevitable, we can’t escape from it. In today’s day in age, we are living longer than our parents and our grandparents due to medical technology. But there are so many ethical issues and complications that go hand and hand with death. There are two forms of death, cardiac and brain-oriented. Determining these two forms of death, along with the determined time of death is vital, simply because we don’t want to treat a living person as if they were dead. With so many issues concerning death, we have to protect those who are on the brink of death or terminally ill and can’t speak for themselves, but allowing them to make preparations for the future. Advanced directives makes this possible,…show more content…
This declaration reflects my firm, informed, and settled commitment to refuse life-sustaining medical care and treatment under the circumstances that are indicated below. This declaration and the following directions are an expression of my legal right to refuse medical care and treatment. I expect and trust the above-mentioned parties to regard them as legally and morally bound to act in accordance with my wishes, desires, and preferences. The above-mentioned parties should therefore be free from any legal liabilities for having followed this declaration and the directions that it contains. (Body) Wishes his Living Will Declaration expresses my firm wishes, desires, and preferences and the fact that I may have executed a form specified by the law of the State of _____________, may not be used a limiting or contradicting this Living Will Declaration, which is an expression of both my common law and constitutional rights. I make this Living Will Declaration the _______ day of __________, 20____. Patient Signature Witness 1 Signature Witness 2 Signature Notary by State and Signature of Notary Public References Medline Plus, Trusted Health Information for You. Advanced Directives. Retrieved from: Advanced directives by state. Mississippi: Retrieved from
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