Advanced English Reading Essay

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What difference has Advanced English Reading course made to my learning ——A Summary Report of Advanced English Reading
After the end of Advanced English Reading course I have to take the question into consideration that what I have gained? Reading skills? High grades in final examination? Or a certificate of CET-6? All above are not I have gained or not enough, and not worth to discussing them. What I considered them worth to discussing even not gained enough are writing skills, courage of opening mouth to speck English in public and the point that should been learning how to think with critical thinking. And I believe there is more big significance to discuss those gains in my further learning, my career and my life.
Those gains come to my learning inch by inch.
I have to illustrate the reason that I discusses the gain of writing skills not reading skills even though them are similar in developing a man`s thought to some extent is writing skills more reflects personal thinking. Writing skills build on several essays. In the first essay “ Your College Years”, I even forgot use a title; and there were some many problems been found, for example, incoherence of point of view, wrong word, wordy,
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And in Advanced English Reading course, professor Wang showing us what is critical thinking by ten texts and her actions and words, developing our critical thinking by presentation and composition. In my view, gains of writing skills and courage of opening mouth to speck English is serve to critical thinking: writing skills make contributions to express personal thought accurately and the basis of courage to speck English is critical thinking. So, the set of Advanced English Reading course can come true the target of critical
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