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Advanced HR Solutions, Inc.
Each organization has its own distinct character. Some are formal while others are informal. Some are cooperative while some have clear and separate offices or workspaces. Some organizations encourage brainstorming and innovation while others strictly focus on productivity. The leadership of a company will determine the structure and culture of the environment, and it is vital to select employees who will flourish in the environment (Argosy University Online, 2016). I/O psychologists aid in developing and managing an organizational culture and structure that defends the business strategy and core competencies. The strategic vision of Advanced HR Solutions, Inc. is to respect and encourage employees’ abilities
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Overall, Advanced HR Solutions will be effective and efficient resulting in happy customers and happy employees (Robbins and Judge, 2014).
Studies show there is a direct relationship between organizational culture and organizational effectiveness. To support a simple organizational structure, a knowledge management approach will be implemented. This is a managerial practice that focuses on developing a knowledge-friendly environment and can be promoted by utilizing culture-building activities. Organizational objectives are achieved by sharing and managing knowledge. Four dimensions of organizational culture contribute to knowledge management: adaptability, consistency, involvement and mission. Organizations that are adaptive, consistent in their values, engaging to employees, and embracing common missions in their cultures are more likely to probe into issues, seek methods to reduce costs, focus on the future, and be proactive in their strategies (Zheng, Yang, & McLean, 2010). These dimensions will also align with Advanced HR Solutions’ decentralized structure.
Organizational Factors, Perks or Benefits to Attract and Retain Candidates Research proves in order to retain talented employees; organizations need to support a culture with a good work life balance because this increases the organization’s performance. Advanced HR Solutions will support this by
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