Advanced Information Management Essay

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Advanced Information Management Western Governors University February 21, 2016 Regulation placed upon the healthcare system only seek to improve safety and security of the patients we care for. The enactment of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the enactment of Meaningful Use Act the United States government has set strict regulations on the security of health information and has allotted for stricter penalties for non-compliance. The advancement of electronic health record (EHR) systems has brought greater fluidity and compliance with healthcare but has also brought greater security risk of protected information. In order to ensure compliance with government standards organizations must adapt…show more content…
The nurse leader helps bridge the gap between leadership and the bedside nurse. With advanced knowledge of bedside work flow the nurse leader can assist with the development of systems that are easier to use and reduce time away from patients. The nurse leader can also bring together the nursing staff and assist with the staff embracing the EHR. A super user lead is probably the most important of all the team members. The super user is at the forefront of implementation. This individual is trained prior to go-live and helps assist staff members with IT support and provide problem solving right at the bedside, thus freeing up IT support staff to handle other issues of the go-live event. Having advanced training on the system, the super-user serves as a resource person of both nursing and physicians thus creating a stream line implementation of the system. Interoperability Interoperability is the way information is shared across an organization. Sharing information across all avenues of health care is imperative to quality patient care. Coordination between all members of the health care team can occur through a congruent system, eliminating unnecessary phone calls and paper work that take away from patient care. The sharing of information electronically reduces the likelihood that files could be lost or stolen which creates a liability for all those involved in the care of the patient.
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