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Case 2: Advanced Laser Clinics In the case, “Advanced Laser Clinics,” a clinic in Austin Texas is a bottom-performing store that is desperate for some positive changes. Elizabeth Ryan is the new manager who was hired to bring about those changes. There were several issues identified within this case. The first issue that I recognized was the inexperience of Ryan as a manager within this particular field. Her experience was working with the Navy, where she dealt with mainly men. Even though she has years of leadership experience, the beauty industry is completely new to her as well as working with other women. She also only received four days of training, which seems minimal. The other issue presented in the case was between the two…show more content…
Again, she is going to have to stress emphasize that she is asking because she wants to help find a solution. She should also add on by asking if everything is OK and if she can help with anything. This will directly show that Ryan cares about her as a person and will make Moore feel more comfortable. There might be a good explanation as to why she comes in smelling like that. In chapter 2, we talked about how a leader should have a passion for the work and the people. By showing that she cares about Moore and wants her to succeed, Ryan is showing a passion for her employees. This situation also directly relates to chapter 5 when we talked about path-goal theory. I am suggesting that Ryan uses a supportive style of leadership in this situation, because she is dealing with a sensitive subject. She needs to display an emotionally supportive climate when she meets with Moore. Lastly, Ryan needs to lead by example, respect, and trust after the meeting. In chapter 8 the focus is to make your actions support the words you say. Ryan needs to make sure that she shows her concern for Moore and actually helps her come up with a solution instead of just saying she will do these things. There is nothing worse than when a boss or a leader says they care about your well-being but do not do anything to help you. This forms trust issues between the employees and boss and is very unhealthy for their
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